LPG – Endermologie

  • A 100% natural technique from France - not aggresive - no injections. Remove fat resistant to diet and excercise. Rejuvenate the skin from within Using a mechanical action. For the face it targets the connective tissue in the dermis. Stimulating the fibroblast cells to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Oxegenates firms and plumps in the skin. For the body it targets the adipose tissue. Stimulates our body’s ability to release fatty acids. Draining, slimming and firming.

Body and Face

  • 1x60 min treatment $80
  • 5x60 min treatments $350
  • 10x60 min treatments $700
  • 18x60 min treatments $1390
  • Body packages recieve a free Endermowear and a complimentary 45 minute consultation (questionaire and photos.) Face packages recieve a free Ergolift kit.

Body and Face Cellular Regeneration Treatment

  • - 75 Mins Special price $200
  • Deluxe ‘top of the range’ sepcialised face treatment for that one off special event/wedding where you need your skins to look its absolite best.
    Includes a Peel and a Collagen Mask both valued at $60